Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Now Available - Poker Pulp.

Aces and Eights, a Dead Man’s Hand. Life and Death dealt over a shuffle of a deck. Stakes from dollar bills to souls tossed into the center of the table. And sitting around, waiting for the turn of a card, to raise, check, bet, or fold, are rogues, scoundrels, dames, and sharps. Every single one betting their last breath on the hand they hold. Pro Se Productions presents Poker Pulp, an anthology centered around the storied, legendary game of cards and chance. Authors J. H. Fleming, Michael Krog, and Brad Mengel deal three tales that up the ante, taking Poker to an all new level of Pulp. Action, adventure, and intrigue are the game of choice in Pro Se Productions’ Poker Pulp.

My story "Strip Poker: A Risqué Story" introduces the new pulp heroine Risqué.  She prowls the mean streets of 1920s Sydney where Kate Leigh and Tilly Devine rule the criminal fraternity.  In this adventure she bets her life on a game of strip poker with the vicious razor gang that attacked her cousin.

Poker Pulp is now available from Amazon and Smashwords.