Tuesday, July 21, 2020

This is the End; Jurassic Park novels

Everyone knows that Jurassic Park is a series of five (soon to be six) movies.

Jurassic Park,

The Lost World Jurassic Park, 

Jurassic Park III,

Jurassic World,

Jurassic World:Fallen Kingdom.

Jurassic Workd: Dominion

And most people know that the first two movies were based on the novels by Michael Crichton

Wow Brad, a whole post about two books?  Hardly an effort to get them I hear you say.

But wait there's more all the movies had junior novelisations,   So we are currently at 5 books.

Now the novelisation of Jurassic Park III was by Scott Ciencin.  Now Ciencin wrote three original novels called Jurassic Park Adventures

The first Survivor is set during the events of Jursassic World III and follows Eric Kirby and how he survived on the island unitl he was rescued

The second Prey is set after the movie where Dr Grant and Eric set up a scientific research facility on Site B and have to rescue intruders.

The third and final book (and the last one I had to find) has Eric and Dr Grant stopping a pterandons who have made their way to Universal studios in Florida - corporate synergy there.

Now there is one more book  The Evolution of Claire by Tess Sharpe which tells us the back story of Claire Dearing showing her joining Jurassic World and her adventures on the island.

So there you have it nine books.  Crichton's books are easy to find, the junior novelisations aren't too expensve or hard to get, the Evolution of Claire may still be in print and I bought my copy new.  Ciencin's three book expansion of Jurassic Park III are much harder to find at a reasonable price.  So that brings us to the end of Jurassic Park novels for now.  With Jurassic World Dominion we may see more.

I recently re read Jurassic Park and will do a review here soon.