Saturday, August 26, 2023

The Saga of Dominic Fortune

Over the years, I've followed many, many characters - most of whom have a distinctly pulp flavor.  I could rattle them off for hours.  

Sometimes the character is new or simply new to me.  Other times I will rediscover a character that I had forgotten about or was only able to find one or two issues back in the day.  With the internet, expanding that collection or reacquiring books, movies or comics from the past is a lot easier.  

It's the latter case with Dominic Fortune, many years ago in the last century I picked up Web of Spiderman #10 

Who was this Dominic Fortune?  I must have bought this when it came out at the newsagent.  It didn't stay in the collection for one of the moves and I don't recall being aware that there were more adventures of Dominic Fortune.  I remember him using a roll of dimes or quarters as knuckledusters.

A few weeks back something reminded me of Dominic Fortune, and I started down the rabbit hole.  My wallet was less than happy with me, but I eventually managed to acquire the complete adventures of Dominic Fortune. More than that, Fortune was created by Howard Chaykin, and Chaykin had a test run for Fortune with Scorpion for Atlas Comics.  Chaykin drew the first two issues before the powers that be decided to make the series more superhero for the third and final issue.

So over the next few weeks, I will be looking at the three issues of the Scorpion and the Adventures of Dominic Fortune.  I will look at each individual story whether it be told as a short in an anthology, a single issue or a run of several issues and will do this in more or less publication order.
Come back next week for the first thrilling adventure of The Scorpion.

Thursday, August 3, 2023

I'm on Superhero Cinephiles

 I've been a long time fan of the Superhero Cinephiles podcast.  Created by Derrick Ferguson and Perry Constantine, it's a fun podcast like eavesdropping on two old friends talking about superhero movies, which you basically are.

After Derrick's passing, it was unclear how the podcast would continue if at all.  But Perry decided to continue with a series of co-hosts.  He put out the call and I answered to talk about Black Scorpion and Black Mask two of my favourite New Pulp superhero movies of the 1990s. We discussed these movies, the franchises they both spawned and how they connect to both Batman and The Green Hornet.

Have a listen to my episodes at or wherever you listen to podcast and check out the other episodes.