Tuesday, November 22, 2016







Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce that pulpdom’s sexiest masked adventure is back in a brand new collection of her sexy exploits.  From a gang of corrupt policemen to secret Nazis saboteurs out to destroy the Los Angeles Olympics, the beautiful and wily crime-fighter has her hands full in this new quartet of tales by Gene Moyers, Brad Mengel, Robert Ricci and Paul Findley. 


“Volume One of this series was a whopping success for us,” reports Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor Ron Fortier.  “We couldn’t keep copies on our tables at the pulp cons.  Our readers, both men and women, are extremely fascinated by this character as there were so few female pulp heroes back in the 30s and 40s.”


Airship 27 Productions was also thrilled to reassemble the art team that made Volume One so beautiful for the fans.  Under the helm of Art Director Rob Davis, artist James Lyle delivered another nine fantastic black and white interior illustrations while Canadian Ted Hammond offered his second Domino Lady cover; a stunning image that captures the allure and mystery inherent in this great character.


As always, lovely socialite Ellen Patrick weaves her way in and out of trouble, donning her black silk domino mask whenever injustice rears its ugly head. From the time of her father’s murder, Ellen has dedicated herself to righting wrongs.  She just does it in a most peculiar fashion becoming the pulps’ most alluring and deadly hero; the Domino Lady.




Available now from Amazon in paperback and soon on Kindle.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The A-Team: The Mystery of Sue.

As a fan of 80s TV series I collect the UK annuals that came out over the years.  Recently I acquired the first annual for the A Team which is copyright 1984.

Image result for the a team annual 1984

As you can see the full team are there Mr T as B.A. Dwight Shultz as Murdock, George Peppard as Hannibal, Dirk Benedict as Face and Melinda Culea as Amy.

Inside are five text stories, two comic strip stories, a profile of the four male members of the A Team, a Murdock Themed Plane Quiz (five planes are shown one is the product of Murdock's imagination which one, a "humour" page with B.A. at the Day Care centre.  Well I assume they were meant to be funny because they weren't.

So I read the first story Swamp Wreck, there's no Amy but there is a Sue who fills much the same role.  Sue appears in the next story the comic "Buried Alive."

The third story "When the War came back" had Zoe in the role.

Amy finally appears in "Seizure at Sneekerville".

Sue reappears in the comic "....Bring him back Alive." and the text story "The Scuzzball Diamond Set-To" .

In the final story "Hard Times in Hawaii" Ann is with the Team.

Lastly there is a board game "Get..The A-Team" where you have to collect the five members of the A Team Face, B.A, Murdock, Hannibal and Sue.  complete with pictures of the actors. 

Except Sue wasn't in the TV series

Who the hell is Sue? 

The picture isn't Melinda Culea, perhaps it was a guest star in the first season.  Looking through the cast lists for the season -Sue Beth appears in "The Rabbit who ate Los Vegas"  played by Michelle Avonne, an actress who appeared in five things and has no photos on the internet except this one

Image result for Michelle Avonne

I watch the episode and she looks nothing like Sue from the Annual, nor does Katherine Moffatt who played Sue Beth's friend Darlene.  The episode isn't clear which character is which.

I show my wife and she points out that Sue looks a little like Patricia Richardson from Home Improvement.  I find a 1983 ad Patricia had done

Image result for Patricia Richardson 1983

Maybe  then I look at her filmography and in 1984 she did a show called Double Trouble

Where her hairdo looks a lot like that seen in the picture she appears at 0;32
I have no idea why they picked that photo of Patricia Richardson - she never appeared in the A-Team.  There were no characters called Sue in her filmography.
I have even less of a clue who Zoe and Amy are -  if I were to speculate there is a 10 year period while the A Team is on the run before they meet Amy Allen perhaps these women helped the team during that period.