Sunday, January 7, 2018

Agent X (2015) - Pilot - Sharon Stone, Gerald McRainey and Jeff Hephner

Living in Australia can be interesting.  You hear about new TV shows from the States and hope that one of the networks here pick it up.  Sometimes it takes awhile (don't get me started on Season 2 of Arrow on Channel 9 or Agent Carter on 7) and other times we get fast tracked on the same day or within hours of the US or we just miss out.

So I hear about Agent X a couple of years back, the same time as The Player (Wesley Snipes and Philip Winchester), Limitless and Intelligence (Marge Helgenberger and Josh Holloway). All four shows have a few things in common, they had an interesting premise that I found interesting and they all lasted only 1 season.  Where Agent X differs from the other three, it never aired in Australia.

I had seen Agent X promos on YouTube and it seemed like an interesting variation on the President's Man films starring Chuck Norris.  With Agent X being the Vice-President's man.  As pointed out in the episode the founding father's gave the Vice-President almost no duties to free him or her up to run this agent.  I presume that the Vice-President has access to all the same briefings as the President and is able to discreetly send one agent to resolve threats to America.

So I found the pilot on line and I quite enjoyed it.  Littered with familiar faces: Jamie Sheridan (Arrow), Sharon Stone (Catwoman, King Solomon's Mines) Mike Colter (Luke Cage), John Shea (Lois and Clark, Mutant X) and Gerald McRainey (The A-Team movie, Simon & Simon).

The premise isn't the most original but the use of a Vice-President was an idea I hadn't seen before.  I presume that as the series progresses we find out more about John Case.