Monday, June 5, 2017

This is the End: Teen Wolf

As a fan and collector there are some items that are an easy hole to fill.  The Cape, one season 10 episodes, buy the DVD done. A single movie like Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow similarly easy to complete the search. An ebook megapack might get the complete works of Edgar Wallace or H. Rider Haggard for 99c.

Others take a bit more work I own and have read all 135 JT Edson novels, I own all seven seasons of MacGyver, the two TV movies, the novel (which I got Richard Dean Anderson to autograph) and the 2012 five issue comic book miniseries.  And I've watched all the episodes of the 2016 revival.

It takes time and dedication.  Recently I've realised that I've had three things that were nearly completed or caught up on so once I'd finished them I thought I'd share my thoughts on those things.

First we have Teen Wolf.  Loosely based on the 1985 Michael J. Fox movie of the same name. (The 1985 movie spawned an animated series and a sequel Teen Wolf Too starring Jason Bateman as the cousin of the original).

The only thing this new version took was a teenager named Scott whose best friend is named Stiles and is a werewolf.  Instead of Scott Howard we have Scott McCall. 

McCall played by Tyler Posey (who was nearly Jacob in The Twilight movies) is a teen bitten by an Alpha werewolf.  The big mystery of the first series is who is the Alpha? The series was darker and scarier version yet it still had comedy.  Dylan O'Brien was the MVP of this series always there to help his friend Scott with a quip and some great physical acting.

The series kept me on the edge of my seat for 100 episodes, a Tie in novel and a three issue miniseries. 

Characters came and went Scott grew eventually becoming a true Alpha through his own strength of character.

The show played with mythology bringing in kanemas, chimeras, the wild hunt, were jaguars, kitsunes, banshees, were coyotes and skin walkers.  I was pleasantly surprised that the werewolf/vampire war seen in several other shows never got played out here.

I can't complain about the ending as it was left open for a spinoff starring Scott's beta Liam (Scott bit him to save his life) or a follow up series set a few years later.

I'm fully expecting Dylan O'Brien to have a great career after this show.   

Loved the show