Saturday, March 29, 2014

The A Team assemble.

A few years back (around 2001). I found a BA action figure in an op shop for 50c.  The other day I was driving along Brisbane Rd in Ipswich and I see what looks like the Tardis.
I must investigate I think to myself.  And forget until too late and I see a flash of blue.

Today I had some time to kill so I investigate and what do I find for $10?

That's right Face and Murdock from the A Team.

Here is the team so far.
My eldest daughter gave me the funniest look as I dance around singing "we're the A Team with all the back up we need." From the ad in the 80s
I knew there was a Hannibal figure but couldn't recall if Amy had a figure.  So off to the internet I go.
Turn out Amy never had a figure and I totally misremembered the lyrics of the ad.

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