Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Nuclear Suitcase; A Gantlet Brothers Adventure (2009) by Joel Jenkins PulpWorks Press

9394930I've hummed and hawed on how to start this review.  I discovered the Gantlet Brothers in the Dillon crossover in "Four Bullets for Dillon".  When I listen to the Pulped Podcast there is an advert for this book.

I really like the idea of a rock band who are also freelance adventurers. It's not one I've seen used often - there was a reference to Britany Spears being a spy in the TV series Secret Agent Man (which adds a whole new layer to her appearance as a fem-bot in Austin Powers: Goldmember).  It's one of those ideas that make you go "Genius, why hasn't someone done that before?"

The Gantlets are five brothers who escaped over the Berlin Wall in the early eighties and who have worked as bodyguards and trouble shooters to help support their music career.

In this their first novel length adventure the brothers stumble onto a plot by a rogue Soviet General to plant several suitcase nuclear bombs with the intent of starting World War III. (The novel is set in the late 80s) .  The adventure starts with the eldest two brothers Fritz and Sly uncovering the plot an then calling in their brothers after the CIA lets them help in the hunt.  This allows the brothers to pair off to hunt down the bombs as well as work a female spy turned pop singer.

There is an appearance by John Velvet from the Dillon series.

I enjoyed this book and will be picking up the two short story collections The Gantlet Brothers: Greatest Hits and The Gantlet Brothers: Sold Out.

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