Thursday, March 19, 2015

Metro 7 by Matthew J. Hellscream (2014)

This novel is the first Australian kickstarter,  I was lucky enough to meet Matthew at the Brisbane Library Comic Book Reading group.
Metro 7 was a really good book, Hellscream makes an exciting scenario with lots of complicating subplots .  The story opes with the crew of the Icarus transporting the most dangerous prisoner in the
galaxy back to New Earth for trial when they get a distress signal from the Metro 7.  Metro ships are basically giant space cruise ships.   
What the crew finds on board the Metro 7 makes for an exciting adventure that might be best described as Matthew Reilly meets Alien turned up to 11.  Indeed there was one scene that was a neat homage to Reilly's Scarecrow series that I was grinning ear to ear, however Hellscream writes the scene in such a way that it is still effective even if you weren't aware of what he is homaging.
The characters were all well drawn and I got enough information about each of the main characters to understand them and I want to know more about them.  More than that Hellscream has created an entire universe that I want to see explored in future books
I'm also keen to see more of Hellscream's writings in other stories.  This is recommended


  1. Is his name really Hellscream? No offense to Mr. Hellscream, but that sounds like a name of a comic book character from the 90s.

  2. It's a penname. It is a pretty cool penname for a horror author though.