Sunday, November 19, 2017

Justice League (2017)

So this movie has been a loooong time coming.  The 2007 attempt Justice League Mortal never happened due to the writer's strike.  The less said about the pilot that came out in 1997 the better. So The Justice League finally come out after some twenty years of trying. 

Gal Gadot was great as Wonder Woman in her third  outing as the character and she gets a nice arc here with reference to her solo outing. We finally get an explanation about the age of heroes coming again line from Wonder Woman.

Ben Affleck does another good turn as Batman. Henry Cavill is even better as Superman than his past couple of outings.

Now we finally get to see Jason Mamoa's Aquaman, Ray Fisher's Cyborg, and Ezra Miller's Flash.

Cyborg was probably the least used in the movie but Fisher is fine with a nice callout to the animated Teen Titans.

Aquaman takes queues from the long haired version seen in the 90s and I appreciated the blonde highlights in his hair.  Mamoa is too bad ass to not be taken seriously.

Ezra Miller's Flash probably has the hardest job here not only does he have to compare to the comic book version but to the TV version played by Grant Gustin. (Miller would be the fifth actor to play Barry Allen - after Rod Haase, John Wesley Shipp, Kenny Johnson and Grant Gustin)  And I found him lacking.  Miller's character has more in common with Sheldon Cooper than any of the other Flashes and I found that a little hard to reconcile. The character is a nice comic relief but he never felt right, per haps had they made him Wally West instead of

I did enjoy the movie but I wouldn't rate it as one of the best superhero movies nor would I dismiss it as one of the worst.  I am keen to see more of the new characters and will check them out in their solo outings but I felt that this film left a lot of the work to introducing the characters to the solo outings.  This the advantage of the Marvel Avengers model pretty much everyone had been introduced and could be used quickly.

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