Thursday, January 16, 2014

The Great Comic Book Reread: Rob Hanes Adventures

Recently, I was organising my study and as I was going through my comics I realised that many of the things I was collecting I either hadn't read or read in a meaningful way.  In some cases it may have been I found a great deal in the back issue bins and I just didn't get to read them all or I found them out of sequence so my memory was jumbled.

So I decided to reread all of my comics on a particular title and review them here.

Today's reread is The Rob Hanes Adventures.  Back in 2006,  I attended The San Diego Comic Con.  As I walked around there was so much stuff. I'm talking insane amounts of stuff.  There were a ton of publishers, writers, artists selling their wares.

Anyway I noticed this stand which had a comic Rob Hanes Adventures.  It looked like an adventure comic. I had a chat to the guy behind the counter Randy Reynaldo.  I don't remeber what he said exactly but there was mention of Johnny Quest.

I quickly grabbed the nine issues that he had for sale.  I did read them at the time and I did enjoy them.  Back in Australia, I found the Volume 0 Rob Hanes Adventures &Volume  1 The Rob Hanes Archives  collecting the various versions of Adventure Strip Digest which featured the earlier adventures of Rob Hanes.

RH Archives trade paperback cover

So I started my reread with these books.  Like all good adventurers Rob Hanes travels the globe finding trouble.  Rob and his sidekick Abner work for an international private security company Justice International which has offices all over the world.

Each issue is self-contained although there are several recurring characters. Like all good adventure heroes there are a bevy of women all over the world.

Randy wears his influences on his sleve with references to Terry and the Pirates and James Bond but he cleverly updates the adventures to the world where the Cold War is over and everyone is struggling with the new status quo.

This is a really good series and worth tracking down.  I do forgotten just how a good a series this was and repayed my rereading.

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