Saturday, January 25, 2014

I've been saving this one especially for ANZAC Day. For those non-Australians ANZAC stands Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, who landed in Gallipoli, Turkey April 25 1915 during World War One. The fighting spirit of these men, known as diggers, has become legendary. This spirit can be seen in Toobruk, Kokoda, Long Tan and other battles in World Wars one and two, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Borneo and various peacekeeping operations around the world.

Every April 25 Australia and New Zealand pay tribute to their military personell.

There are very few Australian and New Zealanders to be seen in Aggressor fiction, there's Mal Rossi (New Zealand) in MARK HAZZARD: MERC and Rod Turnbull (Australia) in the S-COM series but there is only one series that features an Australian and was written and published in Australia and that is the Warhawks.

The first Warhawks book starts with Australian Jeff Hawke working a mercenary contract for the rebel forces of Costa Grande and captured by the military. After several months of torture, Hawke is eventually released by Colonel Rhodes, a former commander.

Rhodes reveals that Rhodes was his real name having changed when Hawke knew him to avoid disgracing the family name. Hawke argues that Rhodes wasn't a disgrace being one of the best known and respected mercenary commanders in the world. Rhodes agrees that that was the case until five years ago when he lead a Wild Geese mercenary team in a failed operation in Africa.

Implicitly Rhodes is in fact Allan Faulkner from THE WILD GEESE.

Rhodes has decided to form an elite mercenary team called the Warhawks for Hawke to command. After the selection process the team consists of
Dirk Paulus - Rhodesian special forces
Mitch Devlin - ex-marine and surveillance expert, a red haired freckled faced Giant
Chick Larkin - English Explosives expert
Pepe Andre - French, the most experienced veteran on the team, admits it's not his real name.
Dieter Hinkel- German Killer
The team pilot and radio operator is Christina Rhodes, the colonel's daughter.

The rest of the book describes the team's first mission, the rescue of a hijacked airliner which has landed in Costa Grande.
The team is successful and meets their final member Hanni Stein, former Mossad agent. And Hawke gets his revenge on the man responsible for his torture.

A good solid read and well worth getting if you can find it.

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