Monday, February 17, 2014

Double Feature: Deadlier Than the Male (1967) & Some Girls Do (1969) starring Richard Johnson

These two movies are a contemporary update to the Bulldog Drummond movies, similar to Daniel Craig’s Casino Royale or The Saint starring Val Kilmer. 

Hugh Drummond (gone is the Bulldog nickname) is an insurance investigator and his investigations uncover the work of criminal mastermind Carl Peterson and his beautiful female assistants. This updated Carl Peterson might be a criminal mastermind but he certainly surrounds himself with some beautiful women including Elke Summers and Daliah Lavi.

The films wear their Bond influence proudly and were an influence on the Austin Powers films.*

The movies are good campy fun and well worth watching on their own but the Madman double disk set is a beautiful package with special features that made the purchase of this set a no brainer. Deadlier Than the Male features interviews with the cast during filming and on set reports, image galleries, film trailer and PDF files of the Press Kit. Some Girls Do has the trailer and image gallery.

It was a pleasant surprise to see footage of Gerald Fairlie on set. Fairlie served as a partial model for the character of Bulldog Drummond and continued writing the series after the death of Sapper.
If you can get hold of this double disk set grab it

*The robot girls in Some Girls Do, don’t have machine guns in their jubblies though.


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    1. Me too, I saw them years ago on TV and kept them on a VHS tape. I was glad to see them get a DVD release with such great bonus features.