Monday, February 24, 2014

Roar (music video) by Katy Perry

When I started this blog one of the things I mentioned that I wanted to post about was the video clips of Roar by Katy Perry.

I'm a sucker for jungle adventures like Tarzan, Sheena, Bunduki, and The Phantom. So when I saw this video clip I watched it several times.  Katy Perry makes a great Jungle Princess (as I like to call her Roar the Jungle Queen) and I'd love to see the character in some other format.
It's unlikely that Katy Perry would make a movie (although I'll never say never on that she has done some acting) but an animated TV series or a comic book wouldn't be unrealistic.  Of course being a pulp writer a series of pulp novels would be my preferred option.

Roar and her animal friends protecting the jungle.  Roar summoning 'the eye of the Tiger' to help someone in danger. 

The video clip is a great origin for the character with a plane crash and Katy adapting to life in the jungle after her boyfriend gets killed by a tiger.  She finds her own inner strength and conquers the jungle tames the tiger and names her Kitty Purry as well as painting elephant toenails.
There is almost a George of the Jungle vibe to the latter part of the video.

I especially liked how Katy uses parts of her old outfit to adapt to her new life the heel of her stiletto shoe becomes a spear point and her leopard print scarf becomes her top.

Watch the video and enjoy.

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