Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Green Hornet (1939) Serial - starring Gordon Jones and Keye Luke

After watching the second serial, I found that the library had the first serial.

Overall, I liked The Green Hornet Strikes better.  Gordon Jones is okay in the role of Britt Reid and The Green Hornet but his voice as the Hornet is dubbed and the face mask doesn't cover his jaw line so it is obvious that he is just moving his jaw randomly reminding me of a talking animal like Lancelot Link.  I wonder if he wasn't the first choice because Hull fits the mask better in the second serial.

On the plus side Kato gets more to do and it is stated that Kato invented the gas gun, the Black Beauty as well as the secret garage and ways in and out of the garage. Compared to Bruce Lee, Keye Luke does very little but here he gets to karate chop a few people. 

 I didn't mention in the last review but I love the outfits that The Green Hornet and Kato wear in these serials,  they are effective disguises that are easy to take off which is used at least once in this serial to allow The Green Hornet to escape.

Each instalment is pretty much self contained as The Hornet tackles the rackets.  The head racketeer communicates through a speaker, during one of the meetings I jokingly referred to it as Charlie's Devils as it serves as a twisted precursor to Charlie's Angels.

After this I'll be hunting down more serials as I enjoyed  both these. 

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