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The Green Hornet (2011) starring Seth Rogen, Jay Chou and Cameron Diaz

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Recently I won free tickets to this new movie and off I went see it yesterday. If you were expecting another episode of the Bruce Lee TV series, expect to be disappointed. Having said that, there was a lot I did like and some I didn't.

Firstly, the movie was shown in 3D and really didn't need to be. The only part of the movie where I felt the 3D process added anything to the whole movie was the closing credits.

I really liked the idea that we get to see Britt Reid as wastrel playboy in the mode of Paris Hilton and we get some justification for that in the opening scene where young Britt is chastised by his father James Reid for fighting at school. Britt tries to explain that he was trying to stop some bullies but his father tells him that there is no point trying if he is only going to fail. (We can presume that Britt is fully aware of his family history hence his fascination with being a hero here and throughout the film as well a Lone Ranger image in Britt's room)

The elder Ried then takes Britt's superhero doll and breaks off the doll's head. For the next 20 years Britt doesn't bother trying. It is the death of Britt's father that causes Britt to start trying again.

The problem is that we don't see enough of the Britt as played by Rogen is essenitally an idiot and stays that way for almost all of the movie. This causes the bigget problem of the film - The Green Hornet is useless.

Kato invents all of the gadgets and cars that they use in fighting crime and does nearly all of the fighting.

Lenore Case is the mastermind of the operation, offering information and advice to the crime fighting duo unwittingly at first then with a purpose after discovering the identities of the The Green Hornet and Kato.

Britt is totally clueless - his one plan consists of Kato fighting the two henchmen and The Hornet kicking the leader in the balls.

In the earlier versions of the Hornet (Radio/Serial/TV) Britt Reid is the master strategist - at one point in the movie there is homage to one of the TV series episodes when The Green Hornet is shot in the shoulder and is unable to see a doctor as this would give away his identity. The solution is the same in both cases but in the TV series it's Britt who comes up with the plan, in the film it is Lenore Case who gives them the plan.

Another thing that I did like was that whilst both Britt and Kato try flirting with Lenore Case but she rebuffs both of them keeping both men on a professional level.

There is potential if there is a sequel for a really good Green Hornet movie.

I did also like the villian Chudnofsky, an old time crook who is constantly trying to remain relevant. His move from old School gangster to a more modern flashy crook to comstumed criminal Bloodnofsky which echoes the similar move from traditional gangster to the costumed supervillian as seen in the recent Batman films.

Overall I liked the film had they made Britt Reid a slightly more mature and intelligent character I would have like this far better

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