Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Green Hornet Chronicles (2010) edited Joe Gentile and Win Scott Eckert published by Moonstone

Previously, I had reviewed Win's story in this volume and raved about it and when the complete anthology arrived I raced through the contents. All of the stories are set in the world of the 1960s TV series and I would say that all the stories would make excellent episodes of the series. indeed the book serves as a much belated second season to the TV show. (One can presume that the forthcoming The Green Hornet Casefiles will be season 3)

I enjoyed all the stories in this volume with several stories alluding to The Hornet’s relationship to The Lone Ranger with Matthew Baugh’s The Inside Man offering a clever riff on the connection. All of the stories were excellent with The Night Car By Will Murray, I had the Green Hornet’s Love Child By Greg Cox, Fang and Sting by Win Eckert and The Inside Man by Matthew Baugh as stand outs for me.

The volume includes three essays Reflections on The Green Hornet by Van Williams, Life at 90MPH by Dean Jeffries and The Soul of Solomon by Harlan Ellison.

I think Van Williams introduction shows the love that the actor has for the character and the role that will likely be part of his legacy.

The Jeffries essay is an interview with Jeffries who built the Black Beauty and many other custom cars for the screen and offers a insight into the process he used to design and build the car.

Harlan Ellison’s contribution is the one controversial entry in the book. Ellison starts telling us that he had an idea for The Green Hornet to meet The Phantom. He managed to sell the idea to the rights holders writes the start of the story and then decides that the story shouldn’t be written and turns the whole thing into an essay about why the story should be written. All I have to say is Ellison must have some good lawyers as this appeared here and in The Phantom Chronicles Vol2.

Overall The Green Hornet Chronicles is an excellent anthology with excellent stories and of you are a fan of the character grab a copy and then preorder the follow up volume.

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