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Crack Shot: The Sexecutioner #5 (1973) by Glen Chase.

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I enjoyed several of the earlier books in this series but I found this one to be my favorite so far. Cherry Delight, agent of NYMPHO (New York Mafia Prosecution and Harrassment Organisation) is sent to San Francisco to help keep the local porn industry independant and out of the Mafia's control.

At first glance, I suspected that Cherry would be starring in the latest production and screwing through the local mafia families, but I was pleasantly surprized. While Cherry is introduced to the film crew as a potential future star she never appears before the camera. In fact she only has sex once in the book. (Don't worry though the porn stars have plenty of sex in the story though)

Cherry has two problems in this book firstly to stop the mafia takeover and solve the murder of a porn star. Cherry plays the rival families against each other and they eliminate each other and the solution to the murder gives her the legal means to takedown the survivors.

A lot of fun and surprisingly closer in tone to Christa Faust's Money Shot than the earlier books in the series. (what? A book set in the porn industry and you don't expect me to compare it to Money Shot)

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