Sunday, September 7, 2014

Dexxxter (2009)Starring Nikki Rhodes Pink Lotus Entertainment

I have to thank the wonderful staff at Club X Brisbane. After I found out about this porno parody I went and ordered this DVD. This took forever to arrive and the staff kept me informed at the progress of the DVD and I learnt a tonne about classification, censorship and customs. Club X gave me the best customer service I have seen in a long long time. I want to thank the staff of Club X.

As a big fano of both the books and the TV series I had to get a copy. The movie has a certain twisted humour to it starting with the cover stating "yeah it's a porno".

There is some thought that went into the parody aspects of this film - the opening credits mimics those of the TV series and Rhodes works as a distaff version. Dexxxter is a cum splatter expert (which I liked as a porno idea) with the sex crimes unit. The Sex Crimes Unit as a joke this doesn't really work - there are real world sex crimes units which investigate rapes, child sexual abuse none of which are funny or sexy.

There seems to be a prohibition of sex in this movie similar to the American prohibition on alcohol in the 30s but this is never spelt out in the movie. But without this explanation much of the parody notions don't quite work and I spent much of the movie figuring out the Prohibition angle trying to make the parody work. (I know, I know watching a porno for the plot and trying to make it make sense, what am I thinking) Had they made Dexxx a Nyphomaniac hunting other nyphos and giving them some satisfaction back to "normal" sex drive this might have worked better for me.

But back to what worked for me

We get a flash back to Dexxxter's childhood where Harry confronts Dexxxter about her nyphomaniac tendancies "I found a dildo, some porn, another dildo, lube, a dildo" which nicely parodies similar scenes in the books and TV show.

There is a distaff version of Lt Doakes, Lt Strokes who has lesbian sex with Dexxxter - parodying/mirroring the connection that Doakes is like Dexter.

Dexxter has panty collection instead of a blood slide

Overall as a parody it is somewhat confusing.

How about the sex? Dexxxter is only involved in two of sex scenes in this movie and others are fairly random.


  1. If there is a prohibition on sex, how is humanity to reproduce?

    1. That's why I spent half the movie trying to figure out what was going on. The movie never explicitly says this is what the situation is I'm reading between the lines. I think I spent more time thinking about the plot than the writers.

      I was reading an article that there is a guy suggesting to save humanity all women should become lesbians for the next two generations - my first though was where is the second generation coming from?

    2. Yeah, it's probably best not to think about the plot to a porn movie.

      I assume the guy who suggests that all women become lesbians is worried about overpopulation. I always wonder if such people might feel better if they moved to Wyoming. Or if they live in your country the Outback.