Tuesday, September 30, 2014

White Flesh, Black Market: Spies in the House of Lust Book Two (2014) by Barbra Novac - Wah Wah Funk Publishing

The second book in this series picks up from where the three agents are on assignment. Aston is undercover with the Russian Mafia and meets up with Vicar Irk.  Porsche is in Monte Carlo trying to get in with Clon Daedalus and Mercedes infiltrates Daedelus' island base.

In this instalment, the three agents really get into their assignments Aston discovers just how much the Russian Mafia knows and that they have the a waitress who witnessed the massacre at the start or part 1.  Porsche manages to get the attention of Clon Daedalus and manages to snoop around his papers.  Mercedes infiltrates the island making several discoveries.

I found that Mercedes's adventures are the ones that stay with me the most - that could be because she is confronted with the physical reality of what the other two only find written reference to.

I just realised that Aston sleeps with Irk and Porsche has sex with Clon - Mercedes doesn't have any sexual encounters in this part.

This adventure ends on a cliff-hanger and all the three agents are about to be reunited.  I won't say just how or why the three agents are to be reunited but  I found this cliff hanger ending to be far more satisfying for me as a reader. 

And I am seriously hanging out for the release of part 3.


  1. Yeah all three agents are women - Aston was inspired by Mrs Emma Peel whose maiden name was Knight. I suspect the Aston is a tip of the hat that Diana Rigg also appeared in On Her Majesty's Secret Service, where Bond drives an Aston Martin.

  2. I assumed Aston was a male name at first, because Aston just sounds male.

  3. I thought Aston was a male name as well (like Ashton). Then realized that the heroines' names were derived from cars: Porsche, Mercedes (Benz), and Aston-Martin

  4. I probably should have noticed that.

    I assume Aston is a brunette since whenever there are three women in a series it's blonde, brunette, red head. Even though you are more likely to have something like brunette, brunette, blonde.